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Baptist Associations

Baptist Associations are the oldest denominational entity in Baptist life except for the local church and were the only form of denominational life for over 100 years. The earliest roots of associational life were found in the New Testament book of Acts. The first Baptist Association was formed in 1605 in England by Baptist churches to provide mutual assitance between the congregations, find agreement in theology and eccleisology and fellowship together.

The Philadelphia Association is the oldest association in America and was formed in 1707. In 1751, Charleston Baptist Association was formed as the first Southern Baptist Association. Later in 1758, the Sandy Creek Association was formed. The formation of other Baptist associations followed and led to the expansion of state and national conventions in denominational life.

Genarally, a Baptist Association has been defined as a self-governing fellowship of autonomous churches sharing a common faith and active on mission in their setting. This assumed harmony of faith and practice but not conformity.

Asociational life and ministry has continued to transition drastically over the years, however, the association continues to play a vital role in the missionary landscape to strengthen churches and impact lostness.



Associational Partnerships 

...working closely with North Carolina's associations to encourage, resource and produce healthy churches and stronger associations.